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Now available:
  • Eight Shift classic fonts in Macintosh Type 1 format
  • Two fonts also available in PC TrueType format.

Shift lives!
Borrowing from the format of our image library we've relaunched the Shift site with eight classics (and more coming soon).

News: updated 06/20/06.
Latest news: BetaSans and BetaSemi now available in PC TrueType format.

The Shift Font Library is back online!

To download a font sample for Mac + PC, and get on our updates list, fill out the form below. Click the link from your email to download.

LiveSurface Layered Image Library.
Pre-masked high-resolution photographic surfaces for your artwork: check out the LiveSurface Layered Image Library.

Looking for a font to use in a project? Already using a Shift font in a project and need to get legal? Start at the fonts page.

Shift re-releases include the Euro symbol, extended accent sets, and offer updated Postscript compatibility with OS X applications. Already own the original and want the update? Email us your original purchase receipt.
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